Unblock your path to
living the life you desire

Discover how to gain Clarity, build Confidence and move beyond whatever is holding you back

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Leave the past behind;
open your heart and mind to new possibilities.

~ Discover how to gain clarity, build confidence and move beyond whatever is holding you back. 

~ Say farewell to old emotional and physical pain 

~ Learn how you can use your experiences in a more positive way

~ Discover how to open your mind to new possibilities, and live a more fulfilling, motivated life.


Do you feel stuck or held back by the past? Are there obstacles in your path that you are stopping you from having more fulfilled life, thriving in your career and being the true, better version of yourself?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, and don’t know how to move forward?

Imagine no longer having such feelings and perception of obstacles, where you could unblock your path to not only flourish but thrive in life.

Learn how to transition your life, from the current to desired.  Set yourself free from all that is holding you back to welcome your Usana*.

(🔅What is ‘Usana’? See below!🔅)

*What does "Usana" mean?

In the African language of Xhosa, Usana means new chapter, new born, fresh start and has been close to my heart since arriving in South Africa for a very special trip a few years ago.

 Furthermore, this marked my very own Usana, and you can find your own too! 

Gillian x

Why consider transformational life & mindset coaching?

Life can feel fast-paced, hectic even, and all too often we can overlook our own life desires and even health as we try to meet all our commitments. By visiting this page, you have likely already considered that something needs to change, and perhaps you’re clear on the areas of your life needs attention. Or perhaps not – that’s ok! The first step is acknowledging you wish change.

Consider, are you:

  • feeling stuck in a job, relationship, situation that you wish to change?
  • feeling overwhelmed, near burn-out?
  • seeking a new job or career path?
  • excited at the ideas you have but don’t know how to move forward?
  • wishing to use your time more efficiently, procrastinate less and feel more motivated?
  • suffering from anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem, and would like to learn how to build these once more?
  • being held back by the past, where historical emotional and/or physical pain is an obstacle that you struggle to move beyond?
  • scared as you now adapt to life following a breakdown of marriage, relationship or even bereavement?
  • struggling to find any ‘me time’ and allow yourself to heal?

These are just a handful of examples from clients, all of which who have successfully undertaken a transformational journey with Usana Mindset.  And you can too. A brighter, happier, more fulfilling life awaits you. 

About me

Hi, I’m Gillian and welcome to the special world of Usana Mindset.

Change is a big step for anyone and you’ve made the first purposeful one by landing here. Usana Mindset offers a safe environment to explore, learn and discover; don’t ever feel alone in the journey ahead, I am here for you every step of the way.

As an experienced, accredited transformational and mindset coach, mentor, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, my mission is to alleviate historical pain and this includes mental, emotional and physical.

Gillian Fowler outdoors

Helping you to flourish...

Coaching & Mentoring​

No change means no change, but where do you start? One step at a time – first, hop on a Discovery Call and if it feels right, we will develop an honest, committed and open partnership. By working together, we will see you move towards your desired life, and learn how to leave the past behind and remove the association with pain.

Walk & Talk​

Let’s get out into the great outdoors!  I’m an adventurer at heart, so if you’re in the Aberdeenshire area in Scotland, get the benefit of my expertise but with fresh air in your lungs too. If you’re further afield, book a discovery call and we can discuss options.


I’m an accredited Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with a strong belief that the way we speak to ourselves and others can have a massive impact on what we do – and how we feel about it. You are only ever one thought away from a completely different outcome. These sessions are powerful.


Pain is rarely welcome but there are times when it outstays its usefulness. Effective for setting people free of old pain, this technique power of the unconscious without hypnosis or having to relive the trauma.


This is where my background in business meets my heartfelt desire to see individuals thrive. There is no professional development without personal development so whether working company-wide or with teams, my focus is always on the individual and removing the blocks to performance so you can flourish.

Courses & Workshops

Usana Mindset offers highly impactful self-development courses, offering a safe learning environment for you to gain insights and bring desired change to your life.  Courses and workshops are delivered through a combination of our self-learning platform and live Zoom calls. Courses can be tailored for Companies.


Shirley, England
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At the start of this block of 10 sessions, I was tired, I was tired of everything. I was tired of life, I felt alone. But then I obviously wasn't alone because I suddenly had somebody on the phone who could say "I am here with you and I've been where you are". And that's amazing. Gillian was amazing.
Mark McDonald, Square Peg Consulting, Scotland
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I had a discussion with Gillian around issues related to self-confidence and imposter syndrome. Gillian took me through a visualisation technique designed to address these issues, and as a result I feel much better equipped to take a more self-confident approach in my future interactions. Gillian’s story is inspirational, and her approach is personalised and personable. I would definitely recommend Gillian to anyone who is looking to improve their levels of self-confidence and develop mechanisms to enable them to be more positive in their outlook.
Elaine, Scotland
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I was nervous to begin, but that went as soon as we started the first video call. Thank you for encouraging, listening and helping me to see I DO have much to offer. I’m more me now. I also loved our walk and talk meeting, thank you!! Only wish could have had another before heading home.
Karen, Scotland
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Gillian helped me through some really tough personal issues, and I have managed to come out of the other side with a smile on my face. Taking a step back and looking to the future, made me focus on what is really important and gave me a focal point of where I wanted to be. Cannot thank Gillian enough.
Bruce Milne, Not Just Travel, Forfar, Scotland
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Gillian helped to restore my positive mindset, and has given me the desire and drive to continue my journey, but have a lot more positive energy within myself. I can only thank Gillian and would say that you do not know what people are thinking sometimes, but if your family & friends are needing that guidance or encouragement to see where they are or how they could become more positive, and really value themselves, then I could not recommend Gillian & Usana Mindset highly enough.
Emma, Scotland
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I always feel Gillian really listens and asks questions to understand specific feelings and situations, and I appreciate that so much. Gillian always helps me to identify small achievable goals that make me feel I’m progressing and making positive change.