Discover how to unblock your path to flourish

As a result of intense academic study, research, practice and years spent with clients, I have made each of these techniques my own. I adapt what I do to each individual or the company I’m working with, and we can discuss your needs to make sure you feel safe, listened to and a part of the process every step of the way.

Coaching & mentoring

As an accredited transformational & mindset coach and NLP practitioner, I work with clients on a 1:1 basis with the majority of sessions taking place over Zoom. It’s a committed and incredibly powerful partnership, where openness and honesty are allowed to blossom.

We start by creating a safe, confidential environment where we can explore aspects of your life but you’re always in control of the direction we take. I am your navigator, giving you the support, guidance and sounding board you need – with you in the driving seat at every stage.

Over time, you’ll gain intuitive insights into your situation and life, regain control and overcome self-limiting beliefs in the areas we work on. I will also help you to move beyond historical emotional or physical pain. Our coaching partnership will see you release the blocks to thriving, find renewed energy and make the differences you desire in your life.

Walk & Talk

This is coaching and mentoring but on the move! Adapted to accommodate your needs, we capture all the natural benefits of being active in the great outdoors: fresh air, nature connectedness and the mental and physical uplift from gentle exercise.

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In these times, welfare is paramount but make sure any investment you make to support your team counts. I’m flexible and accredited in a unique combination of disciplines, so the work we do with one technique can be followed up and anchored with another. One size most definitely does not fit all.

We’ll work together to find out what the real-life problems are and what can be done to remedy them.  Whether running workshops or sitting down to 1:1s with individuals, I treat everyone with the same insight, compassion and care, regardless of where they fit into your company’s picture.

My mission is to put movement into coaching and mentoring in the corporate sector, whether this is through the hands-on experiential nature of my delivery, the homework I set or literal movement through walking.

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How to work with me

Whether you’re an individual looking for the mind shift necessary to move on to the next level or you’re a corporate decision-maker engaged with the wellness and prosperity of your staff, I believe in a relationship based on clear communication from the start. This is why I offer a free discovery call to make sure the right can be achieved from the outset. We can then map out and put into place the insightful guidance you need to step forward.

Services testimonials

Sarah, Scotland
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Gillian worked with me on a one-to-one basis using OldPain2Go and NLP techniques for anxiety. The session itself was lovely, and at times emotional. Gillian was compassionate and held the space whilst I worked through the emotions that were coming up for me. I feel empowered! And since our session, my anxiety has not returned! Thank you. (OldPain2Go and NLP sessions)
Emma, Scotland
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I always feel Gillian really listens and asks questions to understand specific feelings and situations, and I appreciate that so much. Gillian always helps me to identify small achievable goals that make me feel I’m progressing and making positive change.
Pam, Scotland
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As ever Gillian’s empathy & compassion shine through each session & make me feel supported & heard. I felt that the session was useful to me & consequently felt ‘lighter’ at the end – as if a weight had lifted. Gillian is always very encouraging & good at reflecting back positively & the achievements that I might otherwise overlook or take for granted.
Stuart, Scotland
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Gillian knows how to lead a fantastic session. She encourages you to think for yourself and allows your needs to guide her advice and guidance. She provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to allow you to engage fully, and she was great at knowing the opportunities for her to listen and speak to enable you to gain the full personal experience and begin your journey of self-discovery and remediation.” (Walk & Talk session)