Self-discovery through group learning

Usana Mindset’s courses & workshops deliver outstanding experiential group learning. By combining Zoom calls and access to our e-learning platform, you are encouraged to not just listen but participate, to fully commit to the process, open your mind to new techniques and of course, take action to bring welcomed change. 

Build Strong Foundations Workshop

7-week group transformation workshop

A deep-dive workshop helping you to gain a rooted connection to your core. Understand how your current foundation can be changed to support and nurture your authentic self. This is about strengthening your self belief, identifying your key values and identifying and reinforcing your boundaries.

Keying into the power of participant collaboration, we move forward as a small group. We learn about much-needed buffer areas, pain triggers and inner healing. Using visualisation to bring greater clarity, we tune into the language we use and harness the power of the mind.

An important part of the process is establishing a roadmap for the way forward, so that each participant leaves confident in their next steps.

Create Boundaries Masterclass

2-hour session

Leave the course with clarification on what your boundaries are and how to secure them in place. We look at the weak points in maintaining healthy buffer zones and connect to your deeper why in order to reinforce them. Discover the confidence and techniques you need to take action. 

The Power of Language and Mindset Masterclass

2-hour group session
Become attuned to the language you and others around you use. Looking at the power of language, we explore the psychology behind our words and what we can do to attract more positivity.

Leave Pain in the Past course

4-week group session

Providing a step-by-step strategy to heal from historical pain, this course is designed to help you to move beyond the cause and regain control of your life.

You will learn how to turn down the dial on unhelpful memories, thoughts, emotions and resulting reactions, both now and into the future. The aim is to get you to a place where you can look beyond specific events or environments to find peace of mind and happiness.

Thrive again, confident that the old pain that has sapped your energy for so long is in hand.

Course testimonials

Anne, Scotland
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Gillian leads fantastic sessions, she REALLY listens. Her calming influence puts everyone at ease and makes for a positive experience. Great advice and tools given. Thoroughly recommend! (Build Strong Foundations workshop)
Jill, Scotland
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Cannot stress how great your sessions are, and how much I recommend. Tonight’s session guided us through at a perfect pace, and will prove beneficial for work and personal life. Thank you. (Create Boundaries Masterclass)
Sarah, Scotland
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The session was fabulous – thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I really appreciate it … you were top of my gratitude list this morning. (Create Boundaries Masterclass)
Lisa, Scotland
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The boundaries masterclass came at such a fortuitous time for me. Gillian was able to demonstrate that I didn't have to just put up with feeling stuck. I wasn't powerless and positive change was not only possible, but necessary. I literally took action that same week to start re-addressing my boundaries within my working life …, I couldn't have even taken the first step without Gillian's support and guidance. (Create Boundaries Masterclass)
Leanne, Scotland
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A great session and very eye-opening! Reflecting, I noticed communication was a big factor in a few of my boundaries that need to establish … but that it also was / has been a barrier outwardly for me as often I’m not saying how I feel I’m either anticipating being let down or hurt. So interesting. Thank you so much. (Create Boundaries Masterclass)
Lynn, England
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I feel enlightened, empowered and already welcoming the positive change that is bringing me closer and closer to what I want in life. Thank you so much, I wouldn’t even haven known where to start, but furthermore, the techniques I have learnt are literally life-changing. I now believe I can achieve what I want! (The Power of Language & Mindset Masterclass)